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Probst Almi AL33/D-V Block Paving Cutter/Two Height Adjuster Screws

High stability, yet light weight, exact cutting ability. Fast manual operation due to the favourable transmission of the eccentric lever.

Simple and quick adjustment of the cutting height by the height adjustment screws.

Suspended upper blade even cuts materials with a conical cross-section (such as kerb stones).


Both blades, top and bottom, have 4 cutting edges, thus ensuring a long life.

The blades can be turned quickly and easily. Blade Length 330mm.


Size & angle guide on table


High rationalisation effect, as clean snapping of the blocks can often replace time-consuming and expensive cutting with masonry saws.

Clean cuts with precisely guided, square, reversible blade

Tilted rigid supporting table so the block is cut continuously at an angle


Please Note.... The AL33 Supplied will be the New Silver Version


New Probst/Almi AL33/D-V Block Cutter

VAT Included |

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